Entry Rules & Submission Guidelines

Drawings. Paintings. Photos. Cartoons. Encouraging Young Artists.

Advena World organizes the International Children's Art Competition to provide exposure to talented kids and amazing young artists. We invite children of age 15 and under from all over the world to submit their drawings, paintings, photos, and other original artworks filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the world, what they adore, their dreams, their environments, family and friends, and important events. 

An Important Note to Contestant's Parents/Guardians: Advena World's mission is promoting creative and positive self- expressions. Contestants are encouraged to express their feelings - happiness, joy, sadness, fear, pain, opinion, beliefs, and dreams - and expand Advena World community of amazing young artists. Therefore, submitting your child's artwork to the International Children’s Art Competition is not about winning a price but sharing your child’s artwork with a worldwide community of exceptional and talented young artists.

Important Recommendations 

- The contest is opened to boys and girls in four age categories, 6 and Under, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15 

Contestants should submit up to four entries

- Entries should not be smaller than A4 (210× 29.7 cm) or larger than A3 (29.7 cm x 42.0 cm) size papers 

-The work should be original, creative, and unassisted. 

-The work may be drawn or painted in pencil, pen, charcoal, crayon, pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylics, oils, poster color and collage. We are looking for hand-drawn colorful artwork- they should not use digital tools to create their artwork. For display purposes, colorful entries are preferred​​​

- We accept artistic picture that is 2-D in digital format; however, contestants should also mail the printed copy ​

- Parents, guardians, or teachers should print, complete, and sign an Entry Release Form for each entry. They should email us a pdf version of the Entry release form with a picture of the artwork and mail the printed copy along with their children’s work.

- Children with special needs may receive assistance from their parents, guardians, or teachers with their work. If assistance is given, please note this on the Entry release form

- The contestant's full name and address should be clearly printed on the back side (not front) of the artwork. Please do not write on the front of the artwork

- ​To enter, contestants should email an image of each entry (in JPEG File Interchange Format) to submission@advenaworld.com and mail the original works with the Entry release form to: Advena World- International Children's Art Competition, 900 Wayne Ave, P.O. Box 7603, Silver Spring, MD 20907, USA. Non-Refundable Fees and Payment: Early-bird entries are 45.00 US dollars per image. Entries submitted after the early-bird deadline are 55.00 US dollars per image. Contestants from outside the United States must pay their register fee online. We only accept two types of registration payment: Register here or include U.S. postal money order payable to Advena World LLC with your submission. Entries must be received (postmarked) by March 25, 2020.

- ​Entries that do not comply with the contest rules and submission requirements will be disqualified​​​

- ​Non-selecting entrants will not be individually notified of the results

Questions may be submitted by email to submission@advenaworld.com

All the works sent to the contest will not be returned to the artists. ​Advena World LLC reserves the right to reproduce the works in order to promote the International Children's Art Competitions with marketing materials such as, but not limited to, brochures, public information materials and exhibits without consent of the authors and without paying author's royalty. 

Results and Awards

We will review the works and select the Laureates of the International Children's Art Competition​

  • Certificates of Recognition ​will be awarded to artists of selected works
  • Certificates of Appreciation will be awarded to artists of outstanding works
  • Category winners will receive precious Advena World Amazing Artist Awards
  • Selected works will be displayed on Advena World's website and Facebook page
  • Category winners' artworks will be featured on the Advena World Children’s Art Competition brochures, which will be distributed widely at Advena World events 


International Children's Art Competition Deadline | March 25, 2020

States currently represented in the International Children's Art Competition: California, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia (USA), Algeria, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia,  Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.

Inspiring Story of Luke Hodgson: A Contestant of the Children's Art International Competition  (Canada)

Award Celebration of  Leung Pui Kan and  Leung Pui Chi at Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) Hong Kong 

2019 category winners

13-15 years


" A girl's face fading into a galaxy, representing the depth of child's mind. A child's mind is like the galaxy, always exploring, learning and infinite. The birds flying through the door represent progression through life's stages."

----   The Mind of a Galaxy by 

Kitty Lin, 14,

VSA ART+Design Studio, Inc.

​Vancouver, BC, Canada 

7-9 years


 " The pink flamengo is beautiful and able to stand on one leg effortlessly. I wish to be brave, well-balanced and adaptable in life like a flamengo. I hope to bring joy and positive energy to others through my paintings...."

----  The Passionate Flamengo  by 

Hoi Ching Liu, 7
Good Hope Primary School
​Hong Kong  

10-12 years


" My work is all about dream and happiness.

Happiness is something that is very important to me and I like to create that happiness in my imagination. The images that I have captured in my mind are things that excite me and bring immense joy to me."

----  My World! My Happiness! by 

Mira Balagopal, 10
Canossa Catholic Primary School

10-12 years


" Peace, calmness, and beauty of nature and forest ."

----   Fall Walk  by

Luke Hodgson, 11
St. Kateri

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

6 years and under


 "After my family visited the Smoky Mountains National Park I'm amazed by  beautiful and colorful God's creation.."

---- The Golden Forest by 

Elena Popov, 6
Home School

Gainesville, VA, USA 

10-12 years


 " My love for baby wolves inspired this work. They are my favorite animals because of their playfulness and bravery. I also painted the starry night as the background because it is  my favorite time of day." 

----  Howling Wolf by

Isabella Yin, 10
VSA ART+Design Studio, Inc. 

Vancouver, BC, Canada

10-12 years



" I want to raise people's awareness about illegal lion poaching in Africa. The population of lions have decreased rapidly because of illegal poaching. 

Please help to conserve wild lions or otherwise we can't see them again!..."

----  The Lion of Africa  by 

Carolyn Guo Xin, 10

 Marymount Primary School

​Hong Kong  

2018 Category Winners

13-15 years


" Youth Let's dive into the chaos--of youth: Youth is the confusion of infinite possibilities and wanting to escape from the inanition of reality at times. The bubble gum symbolizes the naive and childhood dreams of a person. Growing up is painful, and often means oppressing true feelings; tears become chains falling on the on bubble. The weight of the gears on the earring pulling you down, but you need to stay calm. 

I want to capture my ideas into what anyone can see and experience, because everyone is unique, but the basic emotional conflicts are the same. "

----   Youth by 

Celine Yeuk Ling Feng, 14,

American International School of Guangzhou

​Vancouver BC Canada 

7-9 years


 " I love my family.
I usually have reunion dinner with my family at home on New Year's Eve. Many of the traditional dishes we have at the Chinese New Year symbolize health, wealth and happiness...."

----  Lanur New Year Dinner  by 

Reiko Lee Cheuk Kiu, 7
St Paul's Convent School
​Hong Kong  

10-12 years


" My trip to Paris was one of which I'd never forget. Throughout this art piece, I've been able to travel to underneath the Eiffel Tower and into a small dessert place. Here I am, enjoying a few macaroons."

----  Californian Fish by 

Hannah Biggins, 11
St. James Episcopal School
Los Angeles, CA, USA

6 years and under


"My pet rabbit Katya had a happy birthday, she turned 3. I drew friends who came to her with gifts. The sun gave a ray of sunshine, the cat took carrot, 2 dogs Asya and Varya presented balloons, butterfly made a festive fireworks show. Katya baked a cake for friends."

----  Birthday of My Pet Rabbit  by

 Kira Tokarchuk, 4
Orthodox Gymnasium of the Saints Cyril and Methodius 

Kemerovo, Russia

13-14 years


 " Children have vivid minds..."

---- Contemplation by 

Cozette Weng, 13
Melican Middle School

Northborough, MA, USA  

13-14 years


 " Often people frustrate us with harassment, provocation, and abandonment...

When it happens, we must control our feelings. 

It is healthier not to let anyone negatively affect us..." 

----  Stubbornly Numb by

Natalie Humphrey, 14
Raha International School

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

2017 Category Winners

10-12 years


" The growing digital world opens many more possibilities for our dreams to come true. I hope we can use that technology to better preserve the environment for diverse collection of animals."

----  Animal Fantasyworld  by 

Tammy Hsu (Wen-Hsi), 10
Taipei Kuei Shan School 
Taipei, Taiwan

7-9 years


" I'd love to be a physician or a veterinarian to protect life all around the world. This world is full of harmony and gracefulness. It's also made to show different kinds of environments, seasons with the mother nature and human nature. "

----  Save Life by Pui Yee Pearl Chan, 9
Yew Chung International School
Hong Kong

6 years and under


" My world is full of colors. I met the zebra in the zoo and he lost his color stripes. I painted my lovely zebra with color stripes and purple skin. 

Welcome to my colorful world! "

----  My Colorful World 

 by Hay Man Kan, 5
St. Catherine's International Kindergarden
Hong Kong 

13-14 years


" My dream is to become an architect. 

The idea that a person is bestowed with the task to design and craft magnificent buildings and structures sounds like the perfect job for me. 

This is a flavor of the city that I designed- I have left certain areas blue which await further construction. 

if you have any other ideas please let me know! "

----  An Architect by Ryan Zhou, 11
Yew Chung International school 
Hong Kong 

7-9 years


" The growth of a seed symbolizes a perfect world in quality of a dream. Watering the seed brings out equality of the world to provide a harmonious atmosphere. The tree with various creatures symbolizes a world with harmony. "

---- My Utopia by Sarah Lu, 8
Taipei European School
Taipei, Taiwan  

7-9 years


" I drew me feeding a mommy panda with a baby and other pandas.  I like them because they are cute and cuddly and also very soft and fluffy. Pandas are interesting and fun to draw."

----  Panda Feeding!!!  by Sylvania Peng, 9
Goodnoe Elementary School
Newtown, PA, USA    

2016 Category Winners

6 years and under


" My parents say that I should study well and stand on my own legs. I wish to have long thin legs like Flamingo and stand tall like a coconut tree."

----  I Will Stand Tall by 

Maithreyi Ananthan, 5
Mahak's Little Angels Nursery/Primary School
Lagos, Nigeria 

7-9 years


"I took a boat trip across the ocean. On the trip I saw a lot of magical things. They fascinated me very much."

----  Across the Ocean by

Davinia Wing Hang Poon, 8
ISF Academy

Hong Kong  

7-9 years


"The ostrich, emu and cassowary are my favourites. They find food, water and shelter to help them live, grow and produce their young. They are a part of our human ecosystem, sharing the wildlife habitats, biodiversity and species conservation." 

----  My Favourite Australian Flightless Birds by

Daren Max Tanchio, 8
Anglo-Chinese School, Junior
Toa Payoh, Singapore

6 years and under


" My butterflies are eating berries. 

Not honey, but berries"

----  Butterflies and Berries by

Shih-chen Lee, 3
Not Attending School Yet
New Taipei City, Taiwan  .

6 years and under


"The rabbit and friends take a happy train ride. …."

----  The Journey by 

Gabriella Emma Wong, 4
Victoria Belcher Kindergarten
Hong Kong  

13-14 years


 " I am proud to promote the traditional customs and the folklore of Thai people."

---- Thai Culture by

Siritat Kornkamonsorrakai

Wat Borwornmongkol School

Bangkok, Thailand  


7-9 years


 "This rainbow represents all beautiful colors. I like rainbows. Here, I mix my love with a beautiful rainbow."

---- A Rainbow of Love by

 Tzivia Ayn Schwartz, 7 ​

New Hampshire Estates Elementary School

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

13-14 years


 "These ordinary things are representing my inner world."

---- Colored Things by

Alaa Eddine Rebiai, 13 ​

CEM Zerrouki Kheira (School)

Setif, Algeria

6 years and under


 "I am dancing with a flower , a rainbow, and clouds."

---- Nature and Joy by

Royina Patel, 4

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

13-14 years


"Music is the universal language

- A woman is playing an instrument and two women are dancing."

----  Women Playing and Dancing Together  by

Bopagodawath Thage Chamodya Dilshani, 14
R/EMB/Presidents' College Embilipitiya 
Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka 

7-9 years


  [ This artwork is created by an artist with special needs...]

---- Untitled by

Pantharee Petplai, 8

Supawan School

Bangkok, Thailand  

10-12 years


"An elephant keeper shows kindness and love to his best friend. 

They are bonded to each other throughout their lives "

---- Elephant Keeper by 

Brin Pipattanakowit, 11
Supawan School
Bangkok, Thailand

10-12 years


"Cooking my favorite dishes"

---- Cooking Time by

Nichaluck Pattanadechaworrawat, 11
Supawan School
Bangkok, Thailand 

10-12 years


"From wherever I see, I see color, path to destiny.

 I see it clearly."

---- Modern by

Rithi Valluri, 12
Farmwell Station Middle School
Asburn, VA

10-12 years


"I am playing with friends..."

---- Playing with Friends

 Payasorn Wangsapha, 10
Supawan School
Bangkok, Thailand  

10-12 years


 " Farm animals reacting to the odd moment when a fox jumps over a lazy farm dog."

----  Jumping Fox at Farm by

Anouk Pillai, 11
Coldspring Elementary School
Rockville, Maryland, USA 

7-9 years


 " I fit all things that I loved and I cannot give up in this Picture. 

My family is in one corner, my school and friends are in one and my art teacher and workshop friends are in other corner. 

Art, paintings , my lovely dog Simba and me are all in nature"

---- All Things That I Love

 Ece Engun, 8
Doga Elementary School Sariyer
Istanbul, Turkey  

6 years and under


 " I love animals and like them lining up two by two, as in the old days of Noah!

 I like painting the animals with different bright colours. Just like us, all the animals can put on various types of clothes."

----Animal Fashion Show

Kwok Tsz Long Ethan, 4
Kentville Kindergarten  

​Hong Kong

7-9 years


" I wish other kids will also love my dream house...."

---- My dream House by

Esther Peng Zi Qing, 7
Singapore Chinese Girls Primary School


7-9 years


"This is my dream world. It is candy land where everything is sweet. Even the people are sweet. Its a place where kids are happy and smiling all the time. 

I love to be in my dream world."

----My Dream World by

 Srishti Hazra, 7
Hudson Montessori School 
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA     

6 years and under


 "I draw a baby lion. It is not real. There are people inside. They dance and make it look like real.."

---- The Baby Lion by

Davonna Wing Lo Poon, 4
ISF Academy

Hong Kong 

10-12 years


 "This is the drawing of my 11th birthday. This was a special day because our family got together, ate, and played. One of the memories I will always remember and cherish."

---- My Special Day by

Eunjoo Kim, 11
Glen C. Taylor Elementary School

Henderson, Nevada, USA  

13-14 years


 "They said humans are social creatures, but we all have lonely time. Then, we can explore own comfort zone..."

---- Laissez Les Alentours by

Aminata Mary Thienta, 13
Clarksburg High School

Clarksburg, MD, USA 

10-12 years


"It is my dream to become a soccer player or an architecture builder. I hope my dream will come true."

---- My Dream by

William Yi, 11
Coral Academy of Sciences

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

6 years and under


 "I wish I could live in New York City."

---- New York City by

Royina Patel, 4

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

6 years and under


 " I love to play outside. "

---- The Environment by

Ugglage Ohasi Nileesha Jayaratha, 5

New Kiddies Per School

Gampaha, Sri Lanka  

6 years and under


 " I don't know why I draw this image... Maybe because I was not so happy that day... "

---- Mystery by

Ugglage Ohasi Nileesha Jayaratha, 5

New Kiddies Per School

Gampaha, Sri Lanka  

13-14 years


" I am having fun with friends.

 We are doing together what good boys like to do: studying, writing, and reading."

---- My Friends by

Noppawit Rattanawarinchai, 13

Suankularb Wittayalai School

Bangkok, Thailand  

6 years and under


 " I created this with memories of the monsoon season and how the rainbow would show up sometimes.

 I learnt that a rainbow is seen when there is sunlight along with rain. 

I wondered what the Rainbow was made of and if it could protect me from getting wet in the rain...."

---- Rainbow Umbrella by

Prachi Batta, 5
National Public School 

Indiranagar, Bangalore, India 

10-12 years


 " I love my city."

---- I love My City by

Krittanat Chimthin, 12 (Twin)
Supawan School

Bangkok, Thailand

Other Winners & Amazing  Artists