About Us


Conferences. Forums. Event Management Solutions. Speaking Engagements. Consulting.

Advena World Conferences was established to provide forums for researchers, scholars, academics, educators, analysts, experts, and independent investigators to present, discuss, and critique their investigations into the areas of social sciences, humanities, leadership, management, education, liberal arts, information sciences, engineering, public policy, and human development. 

Advena World LLC is a conference company which specializes in the organization and management of academic and corporate events. We provide full service management for conferences, forums, seminars, conventions, and other corporate events. We plan, develop, and organize networking events involving academics, corporate executives, policymakers, entrepreneurs, consultants, experts, administrators, industry leaders, and other practitioners representing diverse industries, countries, backgrounds, and views. 

Mission Statement

The Advena World's mission is to promote research and disseminate knowledge on behalf of educators, academics, and scholars towards increasing learning and productive capacities in higher education, inclusive growth, and economic development.

Our values

Our values reflect the best aspects of our goals and purposes. By operating in accordance with our principles we believe in: 

Education, Research, and Innovation - Education, Research, and innovation are pivotal to increasing productivity and promoting inclusive growth. 

Networking and Business Opportunities- Academics and entrepreneurs 

must be provided with the opportunity to network and expand their activities.

Free Markets and Individual Achievements- Capitalism system creates conditions for prosperity and personal achievement.

We recognize that entrepreneurship, research, and innovation also demand the involvement of men and women from diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and interests.

Our Vision

Advena World envisions a world where all individuals, including researchers, educators, academics, practitioners, small business owners, students, and skilled immigrants, reach their fullest potential achieving success, contribute to both the advancement of knowledge and inclusive growth.​