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Advena World Helps Clients Identify Right Speakers- Booking and Logistic Process. Business Events.

 Advena World LLC provides professional speaking engagements, initiates the introduction between speakers and clients and the means by which to base decisions and then handling arrangements to ensure your next event is a success. 

Advena World features professional public speakers, including CEOs, business leaders, academics researchers, experts and consultants from various fields, sales speakers, inspirational speakers, speakers on leadership, management, organization development and change, cybersecurity, healthcare, public policy, religion, diversity, comedians, technology, and women's issues.

Hundreds of excellent speakers have spoken at our events
. Whether it be a business meeting, forum, seminar, keynote address, presentation, or a corporate party, Advena World will help you find the right speakers for your upcoming events. 

. For each speaking request, please provide:

  • The name of the organization
  • Name, address of organization’s contact person
  • E-mail and phone number of organization’s contact person
  • Time and place of the speaking engagement
  • Speaker(s) and topic(s) desired.

Advena World holds a database of outstanding speakers from diverse fields such as leadership, business, management, engineering, cybersecurity, healthcare, social sciences, humanities, and arts. You will receive our prompt attention to your request. Email us your request at  or call us at 240-688-5189


Testimonials from Academics, CEOs, Experts, Consultants, Leaders, Public Speakers, Educators, and Researchers from various disciplines. Read below to see what many keynotes and honorary guest speakers have to say about our Conferences.