2015 Category Winners

13-15 years


 "This a place I like a lot and it has become a part of me."

----  My Favorite Place  by

Ivan Shao, 13
Venado Middle School
Irvine, California, USA 

6 years and under


 "A loving mother feeds her children- This time I was with my mother. I had a feeling of peace and security. 

By the time I was growing up my mother would take care of me with love like mothers do."

----  A Mother's Love by

Sippaphat Wongchaipeng, 6
AnubanKhehabangplee School
Samutprakarn, Thailand  

13-15 years


 "The cherry blossoms, the laced shoes and perfume bottle represent, perhaps, a girl's youth. However, the girl is not from this era, and may have put these belongings of her away long ago."

---- Nostalgia by

 Lydia Liu, 14 Silver Valley High School Newberry Springs, California, USA

7-9 years


 "When I close my eyes I see that everything comes alive around. This painting represents my hair that has become a dragon drifting on the wind." 

----  The Girl with the Dragon Hair by

Victoria Velinova Kraleva, 7
Ninth Primary School "Peyo Yavorov"
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 

7-9 years


 "The beautiful colors of the peacock inspired this artwork. This drawing took a lot of time and concentration to detail- but I was happy at the finish."

----  The Bermudaful Peacock by

Bridjé Lee, 9
Smithdown Primary
Liverpool, United Kingdom     

10-12 years



"Tai O Stilt Houses is one of the characteristics of Hong Kong. I hope that many people can travel here to visit this beautiful fishing village." 

----  Tai O Stilt Houses​  by 

Pui Kan Leung, 10 

Taoist Ching Primary School

(Wu King Estates)

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Amazing Young Artists

7-9 years


" This symbolizes family love.

 I was inspired by a star galaxy drawing which is why I put mama and baby cub under stars."

---- Bridjé Lee, 9

Smithdown Primary
Liverpool, United Kingdom

13-15 years


 "Throughout my first year in high school, I was always in a stressed and depressed conditions. Here is the catharsis of those feelings during my break with different faces that represents parts of my life and feelings towards them."

----  Catharsis by

Christine Kwon, 15
Atholton High School
Columbia, Maryland, USA  

10-12 years


"People should understand what the world will miss if giant animals become extinct. To make the message clear a young elephant is drawing his portrait with 

the peace sign between ears and trunk."

----  The Elephant Artist  by

 Larisa Kachko, 11
Rosa M Parks Middle School
Olney, Maryland, USA

6 years and under


  "It depicts what I remembered

from my family trip to Tuscany, a

place that impressed me greatly."

----  Dream Home  by

Paul Jules Butler, 6
Grundschule Am Bodenländchen
Richtstr, Germany  

13-15 years


 "A man is staring at the horizon looking forward to the future."

----  A Man with A Dream by

 Ivan Shao, 13
Venado Middle School
Irvine, California, USA 

7-9 years


 "This drawing took a lot of effort. Specifically, the fur strokes. I am very proud of the finished look."

---- Bridjé Lee, 9
Smithdown Primary
Liverpool, United Kingdom     

13-14 years


 "I always get a small smile when a good idea hits me. This self-portrait represents my face when I realize that the idea I had just came up with was, actually, 'pretty legit!'"

----  When a Good Idea Hits by

Lydia Liu, 14
Silver Valley High School
Newberry Springs, California, USA 

7-9 years


" After a long and harsh winter mostly spent indoors, I enjoyed every bit of summer. One such day was the time I spent with my family at the beach. I don't dislike winter as much anymore."

-Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining by 

Eric Joseph, 7
Creighton's Corner Elementary
Ashburn, Virginia, USA

13-15 years


" A man is looking out to a better, peaceful and beautiful tomorrow in which wars do not exist and happiness prevails."

----  It's a Wonderful Tomorrow by

Naaz Thotathil, 13
Marshal Simonds Middle School
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA  

10-12 years


 " In a countryside, a boy fishes near his house. He doesn't know if his catch is a real fish; and at the same time he doesn't care to cash a fish...."

-  A Boy Fishing in Countryside 

by Anouk Pillai, 11
Coldspring Elementary School
Rockville, Maryland, USA

7-9 years


"I love piano. Humminbirgs chirp like they are singing beautiful songs" ​

----  Hummingbirg by

Emily Zhang, 7
New Jersey Art Academy
Princeton, New Jersey, USA 

6 years and under


 "My dream life is that I can fly in the space. From the space we can see many animals and many cities. The sun shines on my happy life everyday" 

----  I Can Fly by

Pui Chi Leung, 6 
Taoist Ching Primary School
(Wu King Estates)
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong.

7-9 years


 "I saw a bird perching on a branch of a blossoming cherry tree"

----  Bird in Spring by 

Keira Zhang, 7
Los Altos, California, USA  

13-15 years


 "In recent years, there has been an increase of terror attacks in the world; especially in Syria, France, Israel, and the United States. Here, people are mourning the loss of their loved ones and others in 

atrocious terror attacks."

---- Broken Nations by

Cordelia Deng, 14
Montgomery High School

Belle Mead, New Jersey, USA  

13-15 years


 " Often people frustrate us with harassment, provocation, and abandonment...

When it happens, we must control our feelings. 

It is healthier not to let anyone 

negatively affect us..." 

----  Stubbornly Numb by

Natalie Humphrey, 14
Raha International School

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

10-12 years


 " Pain can spread very easily 

by hurting feelings.

It is also very easy to handle

 pain in the society"

----  Pain is Everywhere by

Young Soo Song, 11
Chang Shin Elementary School

Busan, South Korea 

7-9 years


 " Our nature is beautiful. Big green trees, birds are soaring through the sky, fishes are swimming, animals are playing hiding games, the dog and the cat are running. The girl is enjoying the lovely nature. Everyone is free. "

---- The Beautiful Nature by 

Emma Ran Cao, 9
Arma J Shull Elementary 

San Dimas, CA, USA  

7-9 years


 "Chickens are running free and 

happy in Hidden Villa, 

where I went for my field trip"

----  Happy Chicken  by

Keira Zhang, 7
Los Altos, California, USA   

6 years and under


 "This is my world, a big world. 

People standing on the green ground, some of them holding the hands. Rockets, sun, stars and all kinds of planets flying around us in the space.

It's a lovely world. " 

---- My World by

Michael Cao, 6
Foothill Christian School 
San Dimas, CA, USA 

13-15 years


 "Rituals of life can be as simple as going to the same coffee shop every morning, which bring a sense of warmth. 

In this case, I choose to feature a ritual, that some people experience over and over again; an elderly man playing a street puppet for kids." 

----  Old Man and Innocence by

Jonathan Toumit, 14
Dwight-Englewood School 
Englewood, NJ, USA 

7-9 years


 " I love riding cruises.

In cruises there are restaurants, swimming pools, playrooms. 

It's a moving resort." 

---- Cruise by

Irene Oh, 8

Horace Mann School / 3rd Grade 
Bervely Hills, CA

7-9 years


"My self-portrait showing me wearing my favorite shirt, a necklace, and blowing a bubble with a gum."

---- My Self-Portrait by

Tzivia Ayn Schwartz, 7
New Hampshire Estates Elementary School 
​Silver Spring, Maryland, USA 

10-12 years


"It Marches with the Future It is about what I want to do in the future. 

The masks are mixed feelings. The rest is reaction."

----  It Marches with the Future by

Sarah Heath, 11
Voss Farms Elementary 
New Braunfels, TX, USA 

7-9 years


 "Our salt water tank inspired me. I love the beautiful colors and when fish are swimming by I observe closely.

 I painted fish and colored inside mushrooms and rocks. I learned to paint at a Girl Scouts meeting."

----  Fish Swimming by

Sydney Bostic, 7

Hegsville Elementary School 

​Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA 

7-9 years


  " I love my family. I usually have reunion dinner with my family at home on New Year's Eve. Many of the traditional dishes we have at the Chinese New Year symbolize health, wealth and happiness...."

---- A Boat by

 Reiko Lee Cheuk Kiu, 7 St Paul's Convent School

​Hong Kong  

7-9 years


 "My garden is just seen under the bright moonlight surrounding by a blue mountain and a waterfall. In my secret garden we can hear a lot of nice bird-songs. Birds are singing everywhere when animals are resting or playing around. my dear is the garden's guardian. Her horn are blossom with many colorful flowers."

My Dream Secret Garden  by

Chloe Tsz Ching Wong, 9 ​

PLK HKTA Yuen Primary School

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

7-9 years


 "A dragster is racing right in front of a pit stop with four pit crew equipped with tires, gas hose and stop sign. Up in color are bleaches and the stars represent the flashes of spectators' cameras. Below are some green grass..."

A Dragster Race by

Joshua Yakam, 8​

New Creation Adventist School

Waco, Texas, USA

7-9 years


 "I want to study in London in the future; that's why I drew this picture of the London Scene. I love London so much- I really want to go to London."

---- Dream Study City by

Lap Man Laurie Chang, 9 ​

Good Hope Primary School

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

10-12 years


 "A race car just jumped off a ramp and it is about to go through a loop. The track is made of dirt and on it side there are disabled cars or whatever is left off."

---- Off Road Race Car by

Daniel Yakam, 10 ​

New Creation Adventist School

Waco, Texas, USA

6 years and under


 " I have a big family- I have my mom, my father, my big sister, my little sister and me. I love them all, my mom, my sisters and my father love each other also. I love rabbits, cats, and dogs, fishes, and swimming in the pond."

---- My Family by

Hilary So, 6​

Maryknoll Convent School

(Primary Section)

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

10-12 years


 " I dream of a world where people from Ancient Civilizations can travel through time to visit me, and share their knowledge, their cultures, and their experiences."

---- Connection with the Ancients by

Carolyn Chu, 10 

Taipei American School

 Taipei, Taiwan   

13-15 years


 "Women together are powerful.

The differences i n ages and nationalities should not separate anyone because including everyone into a group of whole leads to thoughtful ideas that will change the world." 

---- Women by

Charlize Lamb, 15 

Taipei american School

Taipei, Taiwan

13-15 years


 " Being a quiet person, I sometime felt pressured by social and academic standards with expect me to be a collaborative person. 

but how am I supposed to meet those expectations when I struggle with self-expression? "

----  Unexpressive Expression by

Ardhaneswari Hanadyas, 15

 Global Jaya International school Jawa Barat, Indonesia     

7-9 years


 " I will always remember my meeting with 911 Firemen in New York City."

----  When I Met 911 Firemen in New York City  by

Selina Li, 7
James Leitch
Fremont, CA, USA 

7-9 years


" I love pink dolphins.

Dolphins are smart too. 

Dolphins like their environment- beautiful blue sea."

----  Pink Dolphin's Love  by

Christina Quin, 7
Luckie Art Studio
Sudbury, MA, USA  

7-9 years


" I like candy. 

Here, I am eating a gumball. They are a lot of candies, pizza and french fries too..."

---- Candy World by

Kunsh Vishwakarma, 7
Tom Matsumoto Elementary School
San Jose, CA, USA  

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