ERIC SCHWARTZ, Executive Director


An experienced public relations specialist with an extensive background in international business, policy analysis, journalism, media relations, marketing, advertising, and education, Eric Schwartz has for years leveraged entrepreneurship values to promote free market ideas. He is Advena World’s Executive Director. 

Eric Schwartz served as a Public Relations Executive & Writer at McCann Erickson (the world's largest advertising agency) and has developed public relations strategies and promotional campaigns for multinational firms in North Africa. He has advised corporations such as Coca-Cola Company, Sony Gulf Corporation, Yamaha Corporation, L’Oreal Group, Gillette Company, and Motorola Inc. 

As Managing Editor and Editor-in-chief, Eric has overseen editorial operations for periodical publications and supervised teams of reporters in market reporting activities, editing, and publishing of articles on regulatory reforms, financial reforms, and privatization. Eric had interviewed several business leaders, policymakers, opinion leaders, and high-ranking government officials, including a head of state. In addition, Eric has conducted scholarly research in economic development, education economics, higher education policy, comparative international higher education, and educational choice. 

He taught economics at several higher education institutions in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore Metropolitan areas. Eric has published research papers, articles, columns, and commentaries in economics, financial reforms, education economics, and public relations. 

Eric Schwartz holds a B.S. in business administration from Northeastern University and a Master of Public Policy (Concentration: Regional Economic Development Policy) from George Mason University. He also pursued advanced academic work in Education Leadership and Policy at Virginia Tech.